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The context

“Service A”, a recruitment agency specialized in the architecture and real estate sector, changes its name and strategy by becoming “Archibald”. To support their new candidate-centric approach, it was necessary to :

> Develop a website with their new graphic identity, conveying a qualitative and human image.

> Integrate their existing ad management software and make it attractive

> Program a custom WordPress that allows the client to make many changes and enjoy uncompromising independence

What we have achieved:

1. UX, UI and Responsive Design

We structured and prioritized the information by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes. From the home page, the user is informed of the path he is taking, with effective keywords and a clear methodology. Based on Archibald’s new graphic charter, we created a design that is both elegant and professional, playing with classic architectural forms. Everything was designed to be mobile and tablet friendly to provide the best user experience.

2. Content creation

In order to stand out from the competition and illustrate their candidate-centric approach, it was crucial to have strong visuals. That’s why we brought in a professional videographer and photographer who came on location to their beautiful office. After careful selection and editing, we filled the entire site with the photos and videos (to be seen on three pages: home, about and recruitment) for an immersive and authentic result. The texts were also carefully thought out, taking into account the analysis done beforehand in order to optimize the natural referencing. The result? Impactful content without being too long and engaging calls to action.

3. Site development, tool integration and WordPress customization

Our sites are always programmed in the cleanest way possible. The custom WordPress theme is integrated and adapted, so that the client can quickly get the hang of it and enjoy total independence in running his site. The integration of the ad management software was more complex: we had to take into account the constraints of the program, the attractiveness and the ease of use for the user. We made sure that the candidate is able to have an overview of career opportunities with a simple click and that he can use the different filters to quickly find the offer that matches his ambition.

The result? An immersive website where humans are at the forefront

Creating websites focused on the user and his needs is nowadays the basis for an optimal result. Archibald’s website is eye-catching, we want to linger, to discover the smiling faces and to know more about their working methodology.  Their new identity is well highlighted, all reinforced by a nice tool to find career opportunities in line with its values!




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