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Castell Real Estate Management, an agency specialized in the management, brokerage and short-term rental of real estate in Brussels, is the result of a merger between several entities. The organization reviewed its market positioning and contacted us to achieve several communication objectives:

> Create its brand identity, intended to convey a professional, efficient and value-creating image, as well as practical communication materials.

> Develop a website with a solid natural referencing to increase their visibility and notoriety

> Integrate two management software (Whise and Octorate) into the custom-made WordPress.

With the ambition to reach a new audience, we worked on three axes: their institutional message, their visual identity and their website.

What we have done:

1.brand strategy

To frame the new identity, we conducted two strategic workshops with stakeholders, which allowed us to develop the foundations of the new organization: values, baseline (We do it smart, we make it simple), storytelling… to accurately reflect Castell’s philosophy.  Slightly off the beaten track, they easily distinguish themselves from any other agency. The communication is direct and dynamic.

2. The visual identity

With the basics well established, we developed the whole visual part of their image: New modern and corporate logo, new typography, inspired by the world of architecture and real estate, use of simple and pure geometric forms, images of dizzying buildings… The whole thing forms a coherent and clear ensemble. In parallel, we also developed several communication tools such as business cards, a brochure, billboards, etc.

3. Website development and integration of the two tools

Our websites are always programmed in the cleanest way possible with special attention to the different SEO techniques to be properly referenced. We have also integrated the management tool “Whise” for the brokerage part and then the management tool “Octorate” to allow visitors to rent properties in the short term.


Development of the brokerage part

Castell Real Estate Management offers, in addition to its management service, a sales and rental service. Connected to Whise (an external property management module), we have succeeded in making the brokerage pages dynamic and interesting, with adapted filters. We also designed a brand new service for Castell: furnished residences for short stays in our beautiful Belgian capital. Connected to Octorate (an external module for the management of apartment-hotels), the page is practical and visual.

The result? Less is more!

Castell’s new website is dynamic, simple and clear. The website is a faithful representation of their corporate culture. The copywriting and visuals chosen express their know-how in a simple way, avoiding barriers with their audience. The subtle transitions and movement bring an energetic and professional feel to the user experience.


Castell Real Estate Management


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Castell Real Estate Management